Forgo Fad Dieting, Join Healthy Weight Campaign

The last decade can be defined by the ups and downs of different fad diets — which seem to go in and out of fashion like shoulder pads and hemlines. Yet, long-term success has been slim. Two out of three Americans — including 40 percent of Corpus Christi residents — remain overweight or obese.

A new campaign crossing the country, the Campaign for Healthy Weight, is rallying Americans behind the healthy weight cause and urging people to think more about their “health” instead of simply a number on the scale. Studies indicate that small, specific changes in physical activity and calorie intake can make a big difference. And, people who maintain a healthy weight are less likely to be at risk for weight-related health conditions, such as heart disease. The Campaign will make its stop in Corpus Christi on Saturday, October 25, 2008 to urge local residents to change their “diet” mindset and elect a new attitude.

Health management is really starting to become a bigger part of weight management. The key is to make small, sustainable changes that can last a lifetime. Drinking lowfat or fat free milk as a part of a healthy daily eating plan and walking more every day are two easy adjustments that can go a long way in supporting a healthy weight.

Weighing in on the American Diet

A new report called Weighing in on the American Diet found that the number of adults who say they are on a diet has steadily decreased over the past decade. The study, conducted by The NPD Group in collaboration with the Milk Processor Education Program, found the majority of Americans say they are on a diet for their health and their weight; 68 percent say “feeling healthier” is why they’re dieting.

People who are watching their weight, however, are making less than optimal beverage choices. Coffee, soft drinks, teas and juices are most likely filling their glasses and cups, with milk being the fifth most frequently consumed beverage — only 14 percent of all beverage occasions. The report found that adult dieters who made drinking lowfat or fat free milk a daily habit were more likely to have a healthier body mass index (BMI), a better quality diet and were less likely to feel nutrient-deprived, compared to dieters who didn’t.

Milk supplies two nutrients, that along with physical activity, are especially important when cutting calories — calcium to prevent bone loss and protein to help build muscle mass. Studies suggest that drinking the recommended three glasses of lowfat or fat free milk a day along with a healthy diet can help maintain a healthy weight. Researchers have also found that people with higher intakes of milk tend to be leaner and are less likely to gain excess weight than those who drink little or no milk.

Milk — The Beverage with Your Health Interests at Heart

People who maintain a healthy weight are less likely to be at risk for weight-related health problems, such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and some types of cancer. In addition, some studies have linked meeting the recommendations for lowfat and fat free milk along with eating fruits and vegetables to a lower risk for high blood pressure and heart disease, as part of a heart-healthy diet. The American Heart Association 2007 Guidelines for Preventing Cardiovascular Disease in Women emphasize eating fresh fruits, vegetables and lowfat milk and milk products.

Our campaign encourages people to include three servings of lowfat or fat free milk as part of a heart-healthy diet and to walk everyday. With nine essential nutrients, including calcium, vitamin A, vitamin D, protein and potassium, milk is a great way to get a nutrient boost.


The Master Cleanse Diet Claims May Not Be Substantiated

New diet plan called The Master Cleanse Diet says that its weight loss results are ‘outstanding.’ The Master Cleanse Diet is also known as Lemonade Diet, however, the claims of being a healthy diet plan may not be substantiated. Below is the press release from the company presenting this diet plan.

The Master Cleanse Diet, which is also known as the Lemonade Diet or Master Cleanser Diet is making big waves in the health industry. It has become the latest rage from Health Gurus to Hollywood Actors and Actresses. But is the Master Cleanse Diet all its cracked up to be?

The diet is based off of a mixture of lemon juice, cayenne pepper and maple syrup (grade b). This may sound like an odd compilation however the results have been most surprising. This particular mixture, master cleanser enthusiasts say, is the key to cleansing the body of long-term toxins and cleaning the blood, kidneys, liver and colon as well as the intestinal wall. In addition to this many experience vasts amounts of weight loss in addition to the cleanse. Reports have been done that claim people lose around 20 lbs in less than a week.

“I feel better than I have ever felt before” Says Jenny Smith of Portland Oregon,”and I’ve lost significant weight as a result.”

There has been known cases of people continuing the Lemonade Diet for up to fourty days. The diet recommends however doing it a minimum of four.

“The main purpose is not to lose weight” says Jenny,” It’s about purifying your body and starting over with a diet that benefits you.”

Many have also claimed that they do not gain their weight back after the cleanse, just a little bit of water weight. This is due to the persons lack of craving bad foods as a result of the cleanse. They often crave much healthier things like fruit and vegetables which provides much better long-term health benefits than the food they previously craved.

The concept of the Master Cleanse Diet derives from the fact that we live in a fairly polluted world. So polluted that our bodies cannot detoxify properly as a result. This build-up over time can produce long-term health problems including diabetes, cancers, acidity problems as well as many other health problems. This cleanse is supposed to level out the body while intensely detoxifying the system over a period of ten days. It has been said that we are what we eat as well as we are what we most commonly do. This is the stance that the Master Cleansers go by.

The Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet has even hit hollywood in a big way. Famous singer Beyonce Knowles is a large advocate of the master cleanse lemonade diet. It is recommended, however that people go through the diet using a fiber supplement, colon cleanser or natural laxative as the diet does not consist of any fiber.

For more information on the Master Cleanse Lemonade Diet visit

Editor’s note: eMaxHealth does not say this is a healthy diet plan, nor it endorses it. The point of this article is just to present a new diet plan for information purpose only.

Wikipedia also presents the criticism of Master Celanse Diet, which is copied below.

Some critics point to lack of essential nutrients in this fast, citing a deficiency of protein, vitamins, and minerals. As a result of these deficiencies, individuals on the diet may experience dizziness, delirium, and fainting in the short term, with possible damage to the body occurring in longer-term applications. Dr. Joel Fuhrman attributes these effects to detoxification, which he says passes after the toxins are eliminated.

Many authors assert the benefits of fasting are related to its lack of nutrients, particularly macronutrients.

Dr. Ed Zimney has asserted that, while toxins (such as mercury from the ingestion of fish) do accumulate over time, lemon juice and maple syrup could “not in any possible way eliminate any of these toxins.”.

People with intestinal conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome may experience added discomfort while on the cleanse. However note that this is in fact one of the treated conditions of the fast.

There is a risk that the saltwater “flush” may remove both beneficial and harmful bacteria from the body. A no-food diet may cause the gut to stop passing food, resulting in constipation, or may make the consumption of food immediately after the fast painful. These are the important reasons to follow the fasts’ instructions correctly.

Medical authorities say that those who try the Master Cleanse to lose weight will gain it back in time. Beyonc denounced using the cleanse as a weight-loss program, stating, “I wouldn’t recommend it if someone wasn’t doing a movie … there are other ways to lose weight.”[1] Proponents of the cleanse do not recommend it solely for weight loss, instead focusing on its alleged detoxifying properties. Dr. Sunil Patel of Halifax’s Queen Elizabeth Health Centre and other medical professionals have suggested that the cleanse operates as a placebo and has no other health benefits.

Others have claimed that one benefit of the Master Cleanse is that it helps patients re-examine their lifestyle and embrace healthy eating.

Canadians Eschew Healthy Diets Despite Efforts

Despite all the efforts of outreach many Canadians still don’t follow healthy diet plans and eating habits. Less than 30 percent of the people in Montreal are conscious about healthy food. People continue to avoid diets that are said to be healthy and include fruits, vegetables, dairy products and whole grains. The Healthy Agency of Montréal noted again this morning showing what types of food the citizens have chosen to consume between 2002 to 2007. The study focused particularly on foods selected for their value added for a healthy diet, including fruits and vegetables, milk and cheese, whole grain bread and legumes.

The health statistics don’t look good at all in Montreal. Nearly 70% in the city do not consume fruits and vegetables 5 or more times per day, as suggested by Canada’s Food Guide. Government educational campaigns aimed to prompt people to follow healthy diet plans have been done before too. However, as the 200-2007 statistics show the situation was bleak then and has not improved since. The report also shows that 40% of the population in Montreal within walking distance has no access to a market that sells fruit and vegetables.

However, there is some good news when it comes to whole grains consumptions. Just over half of the people in the city consume whole grain bread once daily, and nearly 60% of the population eats vegetables once or more per week.

Whether one keeps his diet healthy or no is a personal matter. However, your choices of food have significant impact on chronic disease. The government makes these studies to better address the public health. However, as shown in the study, income, education, sex and being a couple or not greatly influence eating habits. With factors like this, it will take a lot more than just information messages and outreach to convince people to eat healthy. For many, it means eat differently.

The report reveals that in general, women seem to eat healthier than men. But on a more encouraging note, the gap seems to diminish with time. Also, healthy foods such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables are not considered very popular among young people between the ages of 15 to 24. Only milk and cheese are consumed in good portions recommended for this age group.

The Public Health Department of Montreal was assisted with the University of Montreal in producing this report on healthy dietary habits. Together they interviewed about 1,000 people in the city aged 15 and older.

The results of this study highlights the urgent need to do more targeted campaigns to help the citizens of Montreal to improve the quality of food in their daily diet. Poor nutrition is linked to 90 percent of diabetes related deaths and 80% of deaths related to cardiovascular diseases and one third of cancer deaths, according to the Ministry of Health and Social Services of Canada.

Daily Snack Bars May Facilitate Weight Loss

Snacking — at least on the right kind of food — may help with weight control, according to a recently completed pilot study at The Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center. In the pilot study, 20 overweight adults consumed two KIND Fruit %26amp; Nut Delight Bars per day for eight weeks along with their habitual diet. The group experienced an average weight loss of 0.6 pounds, and a reduction of 0.2 in their BMI, along with lowered blood pressure (-3.6 systolic and -1.7 diastolic). Given the modest sample size, these findings are suggestive rather than definitive, and an expanded follow-up study is now planned.

“Snacking can add calories to the diet, and cause weight gain,” said Dr. David L. Katz, the principal investigator, and Director of Yale University’s Prevention Research Center. “But snacking on wholesome foods can help control appetite and weight, while providing excellent nutrition — and displacing less filling foods that contribute empty calories. KIND bars are just that kind of snack food, made principally of nuts and fruits. We were gratified to see preliminary data support the hypothesis that such bars may offer health and weight benefits when consumed routinely. We are now eager to conduct an expanded study and generate more definitive results.”

KIND Fruit + Nut Bars are manufactured by PeaceWorks Holdings LLC, an American company based out of Texas and New York. According to the CEO of the company, Daniel Lubetzky, the line was introduced five years ago to “address the need for snacks that can be both healthful and delicious — to be KIND to one’s body at the same time as we are KIND to our taste buds.”

Mr. Lubetzky added, “We are grateful for Dr. Katz’s research, which we consider essential as our nation is challenged to overcome the diabetes and obesity epidemics. We are thrilled at the potential of having scientific data confirm our intuition for creating healthy snacks from wholesome ingredients you can see and pronounce.”

Weight Down Diet: Faith Based Weight Loss Program

Weight Down Diet and Weight Loss Program

Over one million people have applied the principles of Weight Down and have experienced major life changes, including weight loss, and freedom from substance abuse, smoking, overspending, eating disorders, sexual addictions, and various other strongholds.

The Weigh Down Workshop was established over 15 years ago.� � It has been held in over 30,000 locations all over the world.� � � � The Weight Down Workshop� � diet� � was� � considered one of the largest faith-based seminars in the world at one point in time. After holding the position for approximately a decade, many faith-based programs were spawned from many different denominations. However, Weigh Down continues to be unique.� � From what we have gathered, most of the newer diet and weight loss programs have still been based on changing the content of the food.

Weigh Down has always been based on the principal that diets have CAUSED or exacerbated overeating in this country. It has given people false hopes, and then failed them – making most people feel like failures. What is beautiful about Weigh Down is that it teaches people to depend on and to turn back to their Creator for help. We all need hope, and we all need help. Another source of help has been encouraging people to turn to the Word of God and to Godly fellowship. There is a growing army of permanently thin people who are helping others to let go of the magnetic pull of food.� � Weigh Down is a ministry and scholarships many people, and we pray that we are making a real impact on the plague of overweight/obesity in this country. Some of the latest positive statistics have been on children through the youth oriented program called The Last Exodus.

It’s amazing how much faster children will conquer this urge to eat when your body is not calling for it. The most recent video series entitled EXODUS out of Egypt is producing unprecedented results.

Another unique thing to know is that the founder has been thin since she started these principles in 1986. There truly is a mindset where people have no desire to overeat anymore.� � � � We are convinced that Weigh Down has more permanent weight loss testimonies than any other weight loss program on the face of the earth. And these people would all be willing to come forth.

Weigh Down holds the keys to not just weight loss, but to end the desire to overeat.
The Weigh Down Diet (Doubleday), written by founder Gwen Shamblin, sold over a million copies.

  • Rise Above, the follow-up book by founder Gwen Shamblin, takes the basic issues from The Weigh Down Diet and expounds upon them.� � It is equipped to facilitate the struggler.


  • The Weigh Down Workshop has been around over 15 years.� � It has been held in over 30,000 locations all over the world.


  • This program bridges the gap between spirituality and health; there is a spiritual link between spiritual health and addictions.� � Weigh Down has been a powerful tool to show the link between them.


  • Weigh Down is REVOLUTIONARY.� � It is not a diet.� � We would like to challenge any weight loss program that can produce more results, come up with more significant weight loss, and permanent weight loss.� � It does not change the food; it directs behavior modification toward the heart of man.

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